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Good luck tonight

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1 hour ago, Alan Robinson said:

Haven’t been on here for a while but I’ve been looking out for your results over the season  and will be watching a sold out Hillsborough tonight and am optimistic that you’ll beat the Mackams and reach Wembley.


I’d love to see you guys back in the Championship - as Nigel Pearson would. He took a trip down memory lane on Robins TV the last time City were at Hillsborough and talked about where he used run out before a match and reminiscing his days at Sheffield Wednesday. He’s definitely got a soft spot for the club.


Good result tonight lads and lasses! Good luck



Thanks for the message. Hopefully you'll be back on here next season when we meet in the championship.

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21 minutes ago, Weshallovercome said:

Thanks Alan....it's good of you.


A quick question, are Robin's fans still behind Nigel Pearson?


It's just that from the outside looking in he doesn't seem to be doing too well.

NP inherited a shambles of a club and it’s taken him all of last season to rebuild the club, both on and off the pitch.


He’s also been hampered by lengthy injuries to senior players and had little choice but to play youngsters  and of course what you get with young inexperienced players in inconsistency and that’s been reflected in results. That said several of the youngsters have really impressed and that’s promising for next season


Like all clubs there’s an element of the fan base who slag off whoever the manager is and Nige has been subjected to that - pretty much all of it online. I seriously doubt any manager reads social media!


However results did pick up over the last few games and we went unbeaten for 5 games until losing at Huddersfield in the last match of the season.


City have FFP issues as well which will have an impact on what business we can do this summer. We’ll almost certainly lose one or two of our starlets.


The majority of City understand that Nige has had lots of issues to cope with on and off the pitch and are right behind him. However if we have another poor season next campaign the pressure will certainly be on.

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