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Whatever happens tonight

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Cheers for the kind words and pinning it and all that. As ever, I wrote it while I was on the loo this morning. I was a bit rushed or it would have been longer and more rousing. I did a similar one for the last play off semi and that went up the swanny so hopefully this one is better luck. 


Showed my son. First comment, you can't spell of. Sarky little sod. 

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Here in Vancouver I have my office door closed (important meeting)...
DAZN on the screen and iFollow on the iPhone...

3rd playoff with Chansiri -  Hoping for 3rd time lucky...!! WAWAW

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13 hours ago, George said:

If we go through tonight, great.


If we don’t; then we can take a couple of days to sulk and be bitter and then HMS ******** the League starts preparing for sea. Because this team have come a hell of a long way in a season and if we can keep them together and make the right additions, next season will be epic.

take a little time. Let the pain ease and then look forward. We are just a little short over 48 games but with a good positive summer we can get the job done and in doing so build for a brighter future.


You don’t have to believe me tonight. Take some time. But come August you will be with me.

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