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WEDNESDAY - V - SUNDERLAND - (Play-off 2nd Leg) - OMDT

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5 minutes ago, Bluesteel. said:

Im a fan of Palmer and his commitment to the club but whether it was him or anyone else you’ve got to at least look for an attacker and who you need to mark. Same happened with George Hirst he’s not a natural centre back.

Ok. We'll have to agree to differ on who was primarily culpable tonight though

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14 hours ago, WorrallOwl17 said:

Just go for it ffs. None of us will have any gripes if we give it a go and get at them, give the fans something to get behind from the off and make it uncomfortable for them straight away. None of the sitting back and absorbing nonsense from the away leg, i'm actually quite happy we're 1-0 down because it gives us absolutely no option but to go for it and play on the front foot. We're at our best when we attack and tonight we have no choice. 

Well, that backfired didn’t it asking for us to give it a go and get at them. 3 halves of football and Sunderland barely broke sweat. They’ve had to defend properly for about 10 minutes out of 180, and all this banging on about home form and happy losing 1-0 in the first leg, that’s come back to bite us. Suppose that’s what happens when you basically surrender the away leg in hope that your home form will get you over the line. 

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I wonder if it would have made any difference to the goal we conceded if Hutchinson hadn’t been forced to go off. Would he have been more aware of what was going on in the middle. Who knows. 

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1 hour ago, NorthernOwl said:

Sunderland deserve it over the 2 leagues. No complaints we've been poor.


Can now look forward to endless Moore in/ out threads over the summer.


There'll be time enough for hounding, now the season's done. 




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