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WEDNESDAY - V - SUNDERLAND - (Play-off 2nd Leg) - OMDT

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1 minute ago, debram said:

Overall this season have we really looked like a promotion side, hit mis hit mis, poor managerial decisions. Big changes required.


Agree there have been times we have been very poor, we need to regroup and hit the ground running next season..

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1 minute ago, WalthamOwl said:

Over the 2 legs we haven’t been anywhere near good enough. The lack of chances created tonight was criminal. Another season in this embarrassment of a league. fizz sake. 


Been an enjoyable season I think

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1 minute ago, OrlandoUnTrustful said:

Moore has to go, he failed miserably and over the two legs we were disgracefully pathetic.


Just a squad full of cowards 

Knee jerk post. We didn’t play badly tonight. 

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Well played Sunderland, hopefully they go up and it's one less in the way next season.


Actually no complaints, just the better team over the 2 legs won. We'd have been gutted to be in Sunderland's position and not go through, they've got some threat going forwards, Clarke is an exceptional talent at this level.


I thought this season with all the upheaval would be too much in one go, close - hopefully it's our foundation with the crop of players we have. 


We need to stick with the lads. 


Unlucky, but a tough ask after the 1st leg.

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Be interesting how many signings we make in the summer. Guess we won’t see people like BPF, Dean and Storey again, will Bannan leave, he deserves so much better. People like Sow, Kamberi and Berahino need to go. 

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Just now, catdog1121 said:


To be fair I think we cancelled each other out, it was two well worked goals and a mistake thats the difference between the teams, really not much between us..  We just need to regroup, rebuild for next season...




There really wasn't much between the two teams.


Tonight is disappointing but we will pick ourselves up, dust ourselves off. And go again..........

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1 minute ago, Earlsfieldowl said:

Out to a goal conceded in injury time - fitting I suppose.


What a dismal pair of ties - we didn’t turn up as with Huddersfield.


Frustrating doesn’t even come close.

We played nearly 10 minutes after tbf.

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