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WEDNESDAY - V - SUNDERLAND - (Play-off 2nd Leg) - OMDT

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Get at em early and put the fear of God into em.Early goal settle into the game then blow em out of sight, for all their possession last time out it took a mistake for them to score.We can do this,COME ON .UTO

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Everything to play for. I expect us to have enough to get through this tie.


My only ask.......it's in our hands, so lets be positive without being reckless and let them know they are in a game from the first whistle. If for some reason we were to go out with a whimper, that would be unforgivable to me, we have the players and the ability to do this. 

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Great op as always m"lord


Hopefully you will have 1 more to do before your summer holidays.


Very difficult task tonight, as a club we need to perform, fans , management and ofcourse the team.

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