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Just now, BIG D said:

Happy with that in the end

Seriously. If we'd squandered the dominance and chances that Sunderland just did and come out with 1-0, I'd be worried.

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I'll take that. At times they looked like they were going to run away with it.


All to play for in the second leg

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Just now, Lawrie Madden said:

Sometimes and i know its a difficult concept but sometimes the opposition play better 

No need to be patronising. 


We had good spells of possession but didn't seem to want to do anything with it

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Posted (edited)
1 minute ago, Box_Man said:

Hunt and NML will rip them to bits on Monday completely fresh ready to go.


We we’re crap and Hutch is a f**king liability at times but based on the first 60 mins hot to take 0-1

Hutch is a liability for one mistake, he saved us 10 fold

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2 minutes ago, jonnyowl said:

Palmer has been dreadful, just can't even do simple passes, awful decision to play him!

Except for the only two or three times we looked like even coming close to scoring?? I mean there were a lot of passengers today. I don’t think Liam was one of them.

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We are far better playing on the front foot like when we played MK away. 

Sitting back, inviting the opposition on isn’t our game and we concede. 

We try and overplay at the back when we haven’t got the personnel to do that. Again inviting pressure on. 

Sunderland’s fitness is lacking. We’ve got to exploit that and start on the front foot on Monday and press. 

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Why the feck did he only send us out to lay for 45 minutes? 
In all honesty however we should have conceded more than 1.
Abject display from too many.

Sort in out on Monday Darren else ******** off.


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