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5 hours ago, Mighty Quinn said:

I assume you are from Arbroath so don't listen to Radio Sheffield, but if you did you would have heard callers from Rotherham saying they wanted the Owls to come up with them, I have mates who are Rotherham fans and they all say the same, they would sooner come to Hillsborough than Sunderland, Wycombe or MK Dons and also have the banter with Owls fans, obviously there are morons who support them but every club has them, I wouldn't take any notice of them just concentrate on the Owls, by the way isn't Arbroath a little town somewhere in Scotland lol. UTO 

Fair enough. I'm not from arbroath but until recently I lived through work. I'm now in Plymouth...should change my name. Yes it's on the east coast, not far from Dundee 

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2 minutes ago, Highbury Owl said:


Fair comment. Let's hope we can get a lucky equaliser. 

I’m agreeing with you 100% - I don’t have patience or time to wait for Moore to gain experience.

He should have stayed at donny

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Just now, Sambo89 said:

Anybody else notice BPF limping and pulling up a bit? Hope he isn't injured.

Aye he’s been hobbling about a bit 

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