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I have a confession I wish to air.


If we win/go up it will be a wonderful thing. 

If we lose I'm guaranteed x 3 away day waz ups and 3 'up to Sheff on the waz' to look forward to.


Totally chillled. If we stay down we will be promoted as Champions next season, with no panic buying and a squad/club ready for the constant attrition that is the Championship. 

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20 minutes ago, AthensOwl said:

I'm gonna be perching on the edge of my seat myself.

Same here, the tenchion is killing me

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10 minutes ago, theowlsman said:

Get yer beers out for the lads.


Be back soon, dropping my son off at swimming. Only 5 mins away. Won't miss owt for once.

Nooooo wait until half time to drop the kids off into the pool surely 😀

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