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Two in a row

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That first 15 minutes it looked like it was going to

ge one of those days 


no crosses coming off a few miss placed balls and over hit crosses, referee not giving blatant fouls around their box and of cause going behind to a George Hirst goal 


then our number 9 pops up with another goal and the shakles we’re off and we went from strength to strength 


let’s not forget Portsmouth is one of the inform teams in the division and in the end it was a great result 


bring on Sunderland, I’m hoping we can come away from their place with a few goals too 

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15 minutes ago, FlyingOwl said:

Coming from behind to win a game. No secret that that was a HUGE barrier for us in recent years but we lifted the curse this season and I’ve been impressed with our mental resilience in that respect in the last two games. 

Another well done to the players and Moore for that.

Ya know 


I have been thinking about that 


that whole issue of not coming from behind to win is like an infection that set in with Irvine 


im sure we got rid of it around a championship play off seasons but it certainly came back the last few seasons 


but yes - very encouraging to see us concede and be behind and it not be lights out for us 

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