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Man of the match - Portsmouth (H)

Man of the match   

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  1. 1. Man of the match

    • Peacock-Farrell
    • Storey
    • Johnson
    • Luongo
    • Hutchinson
    • Palmer
    • Hunt
    • Byers
    • Gregory
    • Berahino
    • Bannan
    • Paterson
    • Windass
    • Dele-Bashiru

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I went for Gregory but there were some terrific performances for around 60 mins, we dropped off understandably due to game management which then gave them a few opportunities.

not seen their goal again yet but it looked out from where I was, thought Hirst did really well considering the scraps he got.

wonder if Gregory has a little chuckle when we sing they’re all walkers ( not a typo)at the Lane 

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BPF    -    8


Storey    -    7

Palmer    -    6

Hutchinson    -    8


Hunt     -    7

Bannan    -    8

Byers    -    9

Luongo    -    8

Johnson    -    6


Gregory    -    10

Berahjino    -    7

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19 hours ago, OwlerIT2 said:

Peacock-Farrell  7

Hunt 7
Storey 6
Hutchinson 9 - A leader - new contract surely?
Palmer 6 - Got better but what was he doing for their goal !
Johnson 6 

Luongo 8  - Superb 
Bannan  8 - Reliable and made us tick as usual
Byers 8  - Great performance 

Gregory 9  - Class leading the line and going out on a high
Berahino 8 - Involved alot - great touches and took chance well

Windass 6.5
Paterson 3 
Dele 6


Think that's harsh on Paterson. He was unlucky not to score with that absolute screamer. 

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Peacock-Farrell - 8 - Two fantastic saves in the 2nd half, in what was a very assured performance.


Storey - 7 - Probably got sucked in slightly for Pompey's goal, which left Hunt exposed in behind. But other than that, another steady game with an added bonus of a goal too.


Hutchinson - 8 - Took the battle with Hirst as a badge of honour by the looks of it. At times, he physically dominated Hirst, both aerially and in the tackle. Superb last ditch tackle to deny Thompson also.


Palmer - 7 - Decent game, and made a couple of key tackles to snuff out a couple of Pompey attacks. Doesn't do too much to get excited about, but was dependable as he often is.


Hunt - 8 - He'll unfairly get the blame for the 1st, but as a wing back, you have to have some form of cover in behind. But, thought he was terrific in the 1st half down the right hand, which seemed to see a lot of the ball.


Johnson - 8 - Back to his best. He's frighteningly good. Always an outlet, calm on the ball and delivers so much quality. Brilliant play for Gregory's goal, but the chance he created for Byers in the 2nd half epitomises his qualities...direct running with pace, a desire to win the ball and the composure to pick his head up and see a pass. His 2nd half of the season has been incredible.


Luongo - 8 - Byers and Bannan stand out, but the catalyst to so much of our play is Luongo. No surprise the amount of points we've picked up with him in the side. Picks up so many loose balls, takes the ball on the turn and gets us transitioning so often, and has a calmness on the ball that you don't see from too many "ball-winners"


Byers - 9 - Could've easily been given MotM. Looked like he relished the occasion, and played with a real swagger. Fantastic play to set up Storey for the 3rd, unfortunate not to score following Johnson's great work and Bazunu's good save, but got a deserved goal in the end. He's very dangerous making those front post runs from set pieces. 


Bannan - 9 - Another fine display, where he demonstrated his ridiculous quality. Was well up for it yesterday, and if he's fit (pray to God he is), and on song for the playoffs, then I wouldn't bet against us going up. Couple of good efforts, one which was well saved. Hoping, with every phalanx crossed, that he's fully fit for Friday night.


Gregory - 9 - Man of the Match - Just shaded it over Bannan & Byers for MotM for me. He was unplayable yesterday. Their centre half, Robertson, had a torrid time, and Gregory both physically and technically superior. Brilliant strikers instinct for the crucial equaliser, but he all round play was phenomenal. The effort with his left foot in the 1st half, which produced another remarkable save from Bazunu, was fantastic, but his touch and lobbed effort in the 2nd half, was a real touch of class.


Berahino - 8 - Did well yesterday. Looked stronger, and seemed to use his body much better than before. Took his goal well, although there's more than an element of handball in there!




Given I missed the 1st 7 minutes of the game (train back from Liverpool delayed due to signalling problems 🤬), I thought we dominated a very open game, where both sides played on the frontfoot with positivity. Portsmouth's openness played right into our hands, and made our task relatively simple. But, fair play to the players, because there's been a lot of question marks hang over them for their mentality and fragility at times this season, and yesterday, 1-0 down in front of a packed, expectant Hillsborough, was a prime circumstance for them to go into hiding.


But they did the opposite. Even at 1-0 down, they played with confidence and positivity, and put Portsmouth under the sword. From the moment Gregory's goal hit the back of the net, Portsmouth wilted, and Wednesday smelled blood and made the most of that vulnerability. 


Huge tie awaits us, in a game which belongs at the very highest level, but we have to believe we have enough to beat any the four playoff sides, and I genuinely believe we have nothing to fear. Friday night will be tough and intimidating, but I've full faith in this team...and with a spine of Peacock-Farrell, Hutchinson (Dean), Luongo, Bannan & Gregory, I fully expect us to get the job done.



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21 hours ago, millo said:

Did you go to the match? How you can blame Palmer for their goal is beyond me. Hunt was the one caught out of position.


It's very easy to blame Hunt, because it's his "man" that's got in behind.


But, I'm not sure what else you want Hunt to do. He's gone to engage the player, without over committing, and he's should have cover in behind. Storey has got sucked into midfield (only by a couple of yards...but it's enough), and that's where the goal has come from. 


Look at our back line as Ogilvie has the ball. Hunt's position is fine, Storey is out of position, and Palmer has allowed Hirst to get the wrong side. 


At that point, the fact Hirst is the wrong side of Palmer, shouldn't be an issue, because it should allow Palmer to track Hirst's run easier (or at least communicate with Hutchinson). As the move progresses, Storey never makes up the loss ground, Hutchinson has no clue where Hirst is, and Palmer, inexplicably, doesn't track Hirst's run.


It's a poor goal to concede from a couple of factors... but it certainly wasn't solely down to Hunt, and Palmer has a role to play within it also.

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We knew Hirst would score. That's just karma.  Therefore IMO nobody is to blame for it.

It was good that he scored so early, as it gave our players the extra bit of motivation.

I guess nobody expected that Hirst would go home without a goal?


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I went:


Peacock-Farrell: 8

Storey: 8

Hutchinson: 7.5

Palmer: 7

Hunt 7,5

Johnson: 8

Luongo: 8

Bannan: 8

Byers: 8.5

Berahino: 7.5

Gregory: 9


Windass: 7

Paterson: 7

Dele-Bashiru: N/A

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Which makes the average scores (16 sets of votes submitted) as:


Peacock-Farrell: 7.5

Storey: 7.3

Hutchinson: 7.8

Palmer: 7.0

Hunt 7.2

Johnson: 7.1

Luongo: 7.7

Bannan: 8.3

Byers: 8.4

Berahino: 7.3

Gregory: 9.0 - MoM


Windass: 6.7

Paterson: 6.2

Dele-Bashiru: 6.5


Team Rating: 7.68

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