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BPF in goal today

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 Superb Creditable performance with extraordinary saves today,really is a top keeper,I'm only a punter but what a career he could have if he could concentrate and iron out his silly misdemeanours , concentration levels are poor,still young for a keeper though,good luck to him,UTO

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3 hours ago, vulva said:

That save 2nd half was top class but for some reason with the ball at his feet he makes me nervous. I think he’s a keeper with a big mistake in him in a big game. 

Yep fair point but basically the same as the vast majority of keepers then but still learning his trade.

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7 hours ago, @owlstalk said:

Was close up to him today for one of the halves and saw close up what he did and gotta say some of the saves he made were unreal


Especially the one going right into the top corner


Great performance today 

Bit creepy

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If he was a free transfer I'd take him 

But burnley will want their money back minimum 


No way would I invest that sort of money into a goalkeeper unless it was premier league 



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