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Pitch invaders (watch to the end 不)

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Has there ever been a pitch invader (excluding promotions etc where thousands go on) who doesn't look like an absolute moron?

It's like trying to find an intelligent looking Qanon supporter.


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Bottom corner of N Stand/Kop one threw a punch at a steward,dont know if it landed,could see him raging away.....Funny..but not as funny as my Son queing for 20 minutes at half time to get a pint,only to get to the front and be told SORRY SOLD OUT!!!!(of everything) FPMSL

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10 minutes ago, @owlstalk said:

Do you reckon they will be?

I dont know how it works

I used to be paranoid Id be banned for life for bringing my hip flask with me

I have no idea how they deal with these people but I hope they go gentle on some random drunk 20 year old who wanders on

if theyre over 30 Id ban them just for being cringe

I remember running on when we beat Wycombe to go up over the pigs thinking it was a great idea - Id had an ST for two seasons but all our fans were singing where were you when we were sh*t and I was like HERE FFS - but it put me off doing it again as I felt a great deal of shame


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