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Wednesday - V - Portsmouth - OMDT

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1 minute ago, WalthamOwl said:

I really do think this squad had more than enough to be top 2. Some very good players at this level. 

You said we'd be going straight down at the beginning of the season 🤣🤣

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Just now, catdog1121 said:


You have to feel for their supporters, none of us deserved to not be in the playoffs, I think though looking at the last few games that were left to play we were all calling it that although Plymouth was above everyone they had the toughest run in..  The looked like they were going to comfortably get autos some months ago...  Must be heart breaking for the fans, we have had our fair share..

The heartbreak isn't over either. The points tally for the playoffs is exceptional this year. 89 points only gets you third. 


In any other league surely you're looking at the title. 

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