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Wednesday - V - Portsmouth - OMDT

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I'm worried about the bananas, particularly the skins. I spoke to my therapist for a full hour about bananas thanks to Owlstalk. I'm £50 poorer but still, better value than POTG.


He fixed me but now they are back, with a vengeance, in the inescapable match day thread. Curse you, you, tasty, nutritious, phallic symbols.


Cheers Snoots, up the owls 

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Great OMDT as ever M'Lud, here's hoping it's not the final game of the season and there are 3 more to follow...


Have steered clear of the moral quandary of whether or not to take an inflatable banana and instead opted for a vuvuzela - far more annoying, but (as far as I know) not racist - or is it?

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Well here we are - I've said all season i'd be delighted and amazed if we are in with a shout of the top 6 by the last game - sooo YESSSS!!! Just wear yer hearts on yer sleeves lads and give it everything, that's all we ever ask for - I'm sure we'll be fine - I'm going for a 2-1 win after being 2 up then obviously some ridiculous calamitous happening giving us our "normal" nightmare and shredded nerves etc for the last ten mins or so... We'll do it..... 

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Watching Darren Moore doing his preview, I couldn't help but think this man is actually turning into a super-hero. 

The sprayed on, super tight clothing. 

The calm, quiet manner whilst obviously being capable of fighting bears. 

The huge DM emblazoned across his chest. 

I'm thinking now it stands for Danger Moore and he will save us all. 










(apologies in advance, pressure makes for strange thoughts. Do not wear one bit of red today, not even kegs.)

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Back in August, it was a dream that SWFC would be where they are now...it's now reality (wirklichheit), and from here on, a fantasy just may come true...promotion, when many were hoping to NOT drop into Tier 4, optimists were hoping for a mid-table finish.  What a ride this season has been, and it's not over, especially if SWFC makes the playoffs.

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