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will moorinho set us up for a draw?

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This game is going to be full of adrenaline.


everybody in the ground the players their players all the fans and staff will feel it 


there is going to be a huge amount of professionalism and calmness required 


I think players like Gregory, bannan and luongo will be key 


Hopefully our crowd gives us the right energy not the nerves as we have lots riding on it as opposed to pompy who’s season is over but get to play in atmosphere 


Moore won’t be setting us up for the draw he will want the win 


but the crowed and occasion is going to play more in this fixture than any other we’ve played so far 


just hope the lads rise to it 


it will be a great indicator to how we fare if we land the playoffs 

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So, we draw the game.  Meanwhile, Sunderland & Plymouth both win and are therefore above us.  Wycombe win by 3 clear goals and we are finishing 7th.  This is a real possibility.  Also, has been mentioned above, we want the second leg at home so we want to win to finish 4th.

Let's all stick together, shout for the tem throughout the game and hope for the very best.

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12 hours ago, Taz said:

Why are people acting like playing for a draw is a terrible idea 


a draw would be a good result 


Because (a) it takes our fate out of our own hands, and (b) it's 1 goal away from a defeat. 


Even if we'd be OK with a draw (as long as that turns out to be enough), it makes sense to press for the win, just in case they nick an equaliser in the last few minutes. 


And, as much as all that, 4th place should be the aim. We want the 2nd semi at Hillsborough! 

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I think I know what he means, I think


I could see some sense if he had put, will Moore set us up not to lose.


So he isn't aiming for a draw as such, but more will he play cautiously and not go all out to win, to ensure we don't lose


That would have made semisense 🤔🤔🤔🤔

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The reason we’ve drawn so many games is because we’ve sat back and therefore invited pressure trying to defend a lead.  

We’re not good enough to set up for a draw, not many teams at this level are.  Go up the other end, score 3 goals and make them try and play for a draw. 


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14 hours ago, bigthinrob said:

We need the win to stay 4th and second leg at home.


Could make a huge difference.



I’d rather play at home first, get the win and have something to defend away like against Brighton in 2016. If we play away first and lose then we need to win by a margin at home with the pressure on, would rather have that in the bag

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29 minutes ago, Lee A said:

We’re not good enough to set up for a draw, not many teams at this level are.



I would argue that IMO it's the teams at the bottom of the table, who are likely to set up for a draw.

Parking the bus, etc..


I don't believe that a team, which is capable to compete in the league, would ever aim for a draw.

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21 hours ago, elyowl1 said:

No, but i wouldnt expect us to set up for all out attack either. 

I expect a very controlled cagey start and emphasis onnit concefing in the first half. 

So thats a goal down after 2 mins and chasing the game in reality lol

Ffs it was 5 mins not 2 mins 

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