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We WILL win but it's not gonna be easy..

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2 minutes ago, punkskaphil said:


We could only have finished second at best, if Man Utd had lost.


Correction: if Man Utd hadn't won. If we'd won and they'd drawn on the last day we'd have got second place. Whatever happened, we couldn't have overtaken Leeds in first.

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I really can’t see anything but a Wednesday win tomorrow, we’ll be far to strong for em !!  A couple of goals before halftime will settle any remaining nerves and the massive party will begin. And we can all plan for the playoffs and Wembley  #uto 

    We’re going up !!

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It will be a comfortable win tomorrow on a tidal wave of inflatable bananas. 

Can’t see Pompey busting a gut to have us still in the same league as them next season when they will be hoping to go for promotion themselves. 

2-0 Wednesday 

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