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1/25 to make the top 6

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Or just back a Plymouth/Portsmouth double at 13.43/1. 

For it all to go badly wrong that would need to happen* so stick on £20 and you’ll have £288 to soften the blow.


But even if it does happen there’s a chance Wycombe or Sunderland mess up so then you get the double whammy of winning the bet and us getting into the play-offs anyway!!


If we win, who cares that you’ve lost £20 on a bet you’ll be too busy celebrating.


*note: yes I know technically we could draw and still finish 7th but the odds of that happening are 164/1

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5 hours ago, Dan™ said:

I've been on laying on Betfair and got some money on @ 1/11 for us not to make the top six.


Softens the blow a bit!

You could back Wycombe and Plymouth to win, plus Portsmouth and Sunderland double chance draw or win (the 4 results needed to stop us getting into the play offs) at more than 12/1. Again with this one there's a chance to win the bet and Wednesday still get in the play offs (if we draw and either Sunderland also draw or Wycombe just win by 1). I think I've got the permutations correct there if anybody feels pessimistic enough 

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