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Man of the Match & Player Ratings vs Fleetwood (A)

Man of the Match?  

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  1. 1. Man of the Match?

    • Peacock-Farrell
    • Storey
    • Hutchinson
    • Palmer
    • Hunt
    • Johnson
    • Luongo
    • Byers
    • Bannan
    • Paterson
    • Gregory
    • Windass
    • Mendez-Laing
    • Dunkley

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Peacock-Farrell: 6 - Some good claims in the second half partially made up for his weak effort on the first.

Storey: 5 - Pitch was shocking but should have done better.

Hutchinson: 7 - Read the game well for the most part.

Palmer: 7 - Great run for the equaliser, he seems to get the wide centre back position better than any of our other players.

Hunt: 6 - Not his best game, although gets an assist for that long ball into Gregory's chest.

Johnson: 5.5 - Has looked a little tired or jaded of late.

Luongo: 7 - Usual tenacious display, good work for the equaliser.

Byers: 6 - Seems to play a lot better at Hillsborough than he does away from home.

Bannan: 8 - Almost scored a sublime goal and a couple of sumptuous passes.

Paterson: 6 - Just don't know what to make of him.

Gregory: 10 - For me it was only 2 goals, not 3, but what 2 goals they were, both absolutely out of nothing and caused the third goal by getting into a good position so all the defender could do was head into his own net.


Mendez-Laing: 8 - Great impact sub to bring on against tired legs.

Windass: 6 - Looked a little rusty.

Dunkley: 7 - A couple of booming headers to see it out.


We were by far the better team, but in typical Wednesday fashion they made us work for it. Good to come from behind away from home again though, completely laying that particular curse to rest. Lets hope for a relatively calm Saturday now.

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First 10 I ever awarded for Gregory. He was clinical and a handful all game. Well supported by patto 9. Not been a fan of those 2 together in the past but today they gave fleetwood defence a torrid time. 8 for everyone else apart from bpf with 6. Should have done better with the first goal which gave fleetwood momentum when we were really out playing them.

Think tonight showed why Byers is so important to us. We missed him against Wycombe. Having 3 quality midfielders gives opposition loads of problems. Luongo and Bannan both benefit from Byers playing. 


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3 minutes ago, Luke said:

It's a personal ratings thread 


You thought he was good

I thought he was average for a hour 



You are more than entitled to your opinion, but your view on Bannan tonight does tend to be rather contrarian.

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A bizarre game that we nearly threw away.


BPF 6 could he do better with the first? Catching excellent 

Hunt 6 a bit off color but an assist again

Storey 4 his touch is awful and his performance in general could have cost us

Hutchinson 6 did ok

Palmer 6 see above

Johnson 4 awful performance for the third game in a row. Need Neymarv back

Byers 5 game passed him by…again

Luongo 7 took the game by the scruff of the neck. Great assist 

Bannan 7 I don’t know where we’d be without him. Still important without sparkling 

Paterson 6 did ok. Unlucky to not got a goal and good run for Gregory’s goal

Gregory 10 wow, just a brilliant number 9 performance 


Windass 6 great he’s back, but please play him up top

Mendez-Laing 7 much more of a threat than Johnson

Dunkley 6 solid


Moore 6 good team talk or lucky? We were poor in the first 20 minutes after half time.


Basically we dug this one out. Now let’s get over the line against Portsmouth.

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Scores on the doors so far:


Peacock-Farrell: 6

Storey: 5.7

Hutchinson: 6.6

Palmer: 6.3

Hunt: 6.8

Johnson: 5.8

Luongo: 6.9

Bannan: 7.6

Byers: 6.4

Gregory: 9.7

Paterson: 6.7


Mendez-Laing: 7.4

Windass: 6.3

Dunkley: 6.9


All of Wednesday to get the votes in.

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Due to some severe buffering on my IPTV service I only saw the first 5 minutes and a 3 minute blast in around the 70 minute mark. Looking at the other ratings it seems like everyone had similar issues.... other than three Gregory goals I didn't see a bloody thing. 

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8 hours ago, kristmace said:

I've never seen a game with a strike partnership at totally opposite ends of the rating scale. 


Gregory was incredible tonight.

Paterson with one of the worst displays in a Wednesday shirt all season. 


Paterson worked hard, drew players away from Gregory for the third goal, won corners, almost had a goal from a difficult shot and generally made a nuisance of himself. 


He did what he does best and the team were better for it. 

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