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Barnsley Managerial Merry-Go-Round

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French club Nancy who have same owners were also relegated last weekend. :tango:

The club is in a mess, apparently less than 5,000 bothered to turn up against Blackpool even though official attendance was over 12,000 which will have included season ticket holders that didn't turn up. 

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Barnsley will get themselves another decent manager eventually, in the meantime they’ll probably be meandering in league one for a few seasons.


To be fair, they should be a championship side. They’ve spent more time at the second tier than any other club. 

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Pretty much depends if you strike gold with a manager 


Many a sh*tshow have been covered over by a good manager that fits, we had it for a while with Bruce I suppose, pigs also had it with Wilder to greater success 

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50 minutes ago, matthefish2002 said:

I don't think Barnsley are the only club to have a bit if a merry go round.

Must be very few managers that get 18 months anywhere these days.


Rob Edwards who left Forest Green to join Watford ill be gone by Christmas if they are not around the top 2.

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