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Man of the match & Ratings -Wycombe (A)

Man of the match   

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  1. 1. Man of the match

    • Peacock-Farrell
    • Storey
    • Johnson
    • Luongo
    • Dunkley
    • Hutchinson
    • Mendez-Laing
    • Dele-Bashiru
    • Gregory
    • Berahino
    • Bannan
    • Paterson
    • Shodipo

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A very disappointing performance in the final third. Our big players didn’t turn up today. 

1Peacock-Farrell - 7

38Storey - 7

22Dunkley - 7

5Hutchinson 7


41Mendez-Laing - 4

21Luongo -5 has looked off it last few games. 

10Bannan - 6 Radar off today. Very poor corners. 

17Dele-Bashiru -7 Pick of the midfield today

18Johnson - 4. His worst game for some time


24Berahino - 5

9Gregory - 6



7Shodipo - 4. Strange sub. Contributed nothing again. 

13Paterson - 5

Second half when we should have stepped up, we didn’t. DM seems unable to change tactics or make subs that positively affect the game. 

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Peacock-Farrell                                                    - 8 Many catches never put a foot wrong MOTM


Storey                                                                      - 7

Dunkley                                                                   - 7 Bums off Seats goal ruled out

Hutchinson                                                               -7


Mendez-Laing                                                         - 5

Luongo                                                                      -5  

Bannan                                                                     - 6 . 

Dele-Bashiru                                                            - 6

Johnson                                                                   - 5


Berahino                                                                   - 5

Gregory                                                                     - 6

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Dunkley, Storey, Luongo and FDB (even though he faded) - 7’s


Johnson, Bannan both lacked quality today and Bannan didn’t seem involved at all (his only action in the final third was a cross for the sitter Pato missed) & Berahino couldn’t get involved all disappointing   - 5’s


Frustrating loss, we had 4/5 good chances including a possible peno and a dubious disallowed goal. The only half  chance they had they scored. (The only time Dunkley lost a header & Hutch didn’t commit a typical tactic foul we were punished). 

Confident we’d beat Wycombe over 2 legs, but that should be a wake up all for us. We can’t be that wasteful in the playoffs or in these next 2 games. 


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Berahino didn't have a good game but he didn't get the sevice he needed. There were numerous occasions where he took up positions around the penalty spot  with his back to goal and a man tight behind him and almost pleaded with the man on the ball to play it to his feet. He has that tight control move where he plays it inches to the side and gets a shot off.  He pleaded in vain because he never got the ball he wanted.  It must have happened half a dozen times in the first half.


We know he can score from that position, it's his favourite manoevre.

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BPF.                           6.5


Hutchinson.              6

Dunckley.                   7.         MoM

Storey.                        6


Johnson.                    4.5

Fizz.                             6.5

Bannan.                       5.5

Luongo.                       5.5

NML.                            5.5


Gregory.                       6

Berahino.                     4.5

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BPF.                           6


Hutchinson.              6

Dunkley                      7.5 twice came close to scoring

Storey.                        6


Johnson.                    5

Fizz.                             7.5

Bannan.                       6

Luongo.                       6

NML.                            5


Gregory.                       5.5

Berahino.                     4

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Awful performance. Moore is really starting to ******** me off.


BPF 7 did absolutely nothing wrong. Controlled his box superbly

Mendez-Laing 6 was a threat but he can’t cross a ball. Leaving Hunt out was criminal. I assumed he was injured 

Storey 6 I’ve said it before, I’m not sure what people see in him. Very average cb

Dunkley 6 typical Dunks performance. Excellent in the air and unfairly had a goal disallowed, but at fault for the goal. He’s not good enough 

Hutchinson 6 our best defender by a mile but partly to blame for the goal

Johnson 4 this looked like the Johnson at the start of the season. Appalling crosses and couldn’t beat his man. Should have been hooked when Shodipo came on

Luongo 6 did ok, nothing special 

Bannan 5 very poor today. Seemed to have been marked out of the game.

Dele-Bashiru 6 great first half but did absolutely nothing in the second half. Not consistent enough to start for me

Berahino 3 I can’t think of one thing he did. Poor decision to start him. This game was made for Paterson 

Gregory 5 battled but got nothing out of their back four


Shodipo 4 not his fault. Why play him up front? Baffling 

Paterson 5 was better than Berahino but missed our only decent second half chance


Moore 3 brilliant tactics against MK but has reverted to clown mode in the last two. If we don’t make the play offs he needs to get his marching orders the day after the Portsmouth game!

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Not a bad performance, but the luck wasn't with us.


Dunkley MoM for me, some towering headers and unlucky not to score, twice.


Honourable mentions to FDB, Bannan and Gregory who worked hard.


The only below par performances for me were Johnson, worst game for us all season by a country mile, and Berahino who just didn't seem interested today.


It was like the first few games for us when he seemed a bit bemused by what was going on around him.

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Peacock-Farrell: 7 - Commanded his box well and left exposed for the goal.

Storey: 6.5 - Solid enough, didn't notice him much.

Dunkley: 8.5 - MoM. Brilliant instinctive finish for the goal, while being grappled with both hands. Also won most of the aerial duals and I don't think could do anything about the Vokes flick-on for their goal, Vokes just timed his run perfectly.

Hutchinson: 5.5 - Compounded a poor throw-in by not getting back into position quickly enough. Both only minor errors, but ended up costing us.

Mendez-Laing: 6.5 - Lots of bright moments in the first half, right wing back seems like his best position.

Johnson: 5 - Strangely under par today, lots of overhit crosses. Still should have won a penalty in the second half for his shot where the defender pre-emptively stuck his arm out to block it.

Luongo: 6 - Not great today, didn't use the ball well.

Dele-Bashiru: 7.5 - Brilliant first half performance, although faded a little in the second.

Bannan: 6 - Didn't get in the game much, but still should have had an assist for what was a clear goal by Dunkley.

Berahino: 5 - Poor for the most part, didn't get involved in the game.

Gregory: 6 - Had our 3 shots on target, but none of them particularly fierce.


Shodipo: 6 - Didn't quite fall for him.

Paterson: 6 - Missed a late chance, but he got up well, think the cross was just a couple of inches too high rather than him getting under it.


The win at MK Dons was vital. I always thought we needed to win one of MK Dons or Wycombe to make the playoffs, and that Wycombe would be the hardest of the two. Good first half performance, but ran out of ideas badly in the second half. Still, if the ref had done his job we would have been 1-nil or 2-nil up (if we'd scored the penalty) by the time Obita scored.


No room for slip-ups now, but I'm confident we can get a result at Fleetwood.


The knee-jerk crowd are out blaming Moore I see, but Dunkley and Dele-Bashiru came in and were two of our best players. It was just one of those days where a physical team ride their luck and pinch a win against the run of play.

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BPF    -    7    A little slow across for the goal but handled the high ball well all day.


Storey    -    6   Did Ok , a bit tentative.

Dunkley    -    7      Can see why DM picked him for this game , but ironically his missed header led to the goal. Unfairly had a good goal chalked off.

Hutchinson    -    6    Couple of lapses, but ok overall.


Mendez-Laing    -    6    End product was poor , but in all fairness when he ran at them it was the only time we looked close to threatening.

Luongo    -    5    Far too passive and anonymous.

Bannan    -    6    Tried to get us moving but far from his best and his set pieces were poor.

Dele-Bashiru    -    6    Started really well by utilising his strengths , but too often his touch and distribution lets him down , disappeared second half.

Johnson    -    4    As bad as he`s played since early season.


Gregory    -    6.5    Played well with the little service he received.

Berahino    -    4    His brief mid-season cameo seems to be over , back to being very ineffective.


Shodipo    -    5    Couldnt get into it

Paterson    -    4    Horrific miss that could have rescued a point




Had a terrible sense of foreboding all yesterday morning and the game panned out exactly as I feared. Wycombe`s in your face non-football rattled us and we looked alarmingly half hearted for such an important game.


Which , I guess, is the reason i am struggling to feel confident about this manager and his team , they just don`t seem to have the mental fortitude to string 3 good performances together and DM continues to compound this with his selections.......George Byers has been a huge part of our upturn in results since the turn of the year , and dropping him yesterday was a ridiculous decision.

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