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Wycombe - Wednesday - OMDT

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This is going to be tougher than the MkD lightweights.

Big physical team putting emphasis on corners/set plays - it could be a long 95+ mins.
Hope we set up with Berahino up top to run in behind them.

4-2 win for us on our way to 2nd place, 



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Great day for football, sun is out, spring is in the air, suspense is high, we turned up and delivered against MK Dons; can the boys do it again, they've done it before and most often versus top opposition teams, so hopefully we play our hearts out at Wycombe.


Failing to win more than 2 of our last 3 though, I'll settle for winning the final 3 matches of our remaining 6 games... yeah... that should seal it lol

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Going to be a frantic game.


Win and we're in the play offs with an outside chance of autos. Draw and it's one foot in the play offs, with another 2 points needed at the most.


Lose and there's a possibility we will have to win our last 2 games.


Definitely a 'must not lose' game.

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Wonder if this is a game where we almost need to take the sting out of it early on. 


Wycombe going to be direct and in our faces. We are the better footballing side. 


Can we keep the ball and slow things down a bit and pick them off? 


I thought we completely outplayed them at Hillsborough despite the game ending in a draw. 

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Since winning our last two I’ve always thought of this one as a bit of a ‘free hit’. Even a loss still leaves things in our own hands. Today the pressure is all on Wycombe. Yes they are physical and all that but We have struggled most against physical sides who have played on the counter. This lot have to be going for us for the whole game so should give us chances to score. Time for Berahino to make up for missing those sitters against Crewe!

2-1 Wednesday. 

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