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Wycombe - Wednesday - OMDT

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It would be nice to see Dean, Hutchinson and Luongo in the line up today…especially if they are a physical bunch…their ground tho’ is absolutely tinpot…how can their possibly be a decent view of the pitch on three out of the four sides? I wouldn’t pay more than ten Bob to watch a match theer!
Interesting times to be a Wednesdayite…a draw might be ok today, but personally I’d like to see us stuff one up the tail pipe of these no marks.

So….come on you blue and white wiiizzzaaaarrrds!  In Bandalf we trust!

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Stuntmans knee lol

I know his Lordship won't be looking at the other scores, but for me that's part of the excitement of football at this time of year. The teams around us have some interesting games today.


MK play at home to Morecambe, who could be safe should they get a result. Not an easy task, but they'll be up for the fight. I predict a home win.


Rotherham could all but end Oxford's fading hopes of a play-off spot, but Oxford's current form is slightly better than that of their hosts. Whatever happens, points will be dropped by one or both. I think this win end up being a draw.


Sunderland play mid-table Cambridge, with the visitors seemingly having nothing to play for. A banana skin for Sunderland, or are Cambridge already on the beach? A home win for me.


Wigan are at home to Plymouth - another game that won't be easy for either team. Both are stumbling a little at the moment, but I wouldn't expect a Wigan loss. Cue a 0-1 final score!


As for us, we can beat anyone in this league, as we have proved. Teams that want to play and don't use the low-block tactics of parking the bus tend to come off worst against us. Wycombe need a win today, so I do this that this will be an open game. I'm going 1-2 to the Owls.


Safe trip to all those making the journey.

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Thanks Snoots - love the stuntman’s knee - well the rollercoaster’s just left the station, slowly climbing to the apex and it looks a f******g long way down ! C’mon Wednesday this is Wycombe, no fear, at their throats.

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4 minutes ago, GermanBird said:

Good Morning to all 😘

Sorry for the delay.. I was out gardening to calm my nerves


Thanks Milord for the great OMDT. Love it 💙


Here is my part. Some links for further preparation:


Sheff Cam is back




Oppo's view. Very interesting again. Please don't miss it for boozing info and the players should listen for tactical information



Here's the link to parking & travel info



I will do some more gardening now as I really need to keep my mind off football, although I am confident, that we will win today

0:2 for the Owls

Goals for Pato and Storey


UTO 💙🤍💙


For some reason that Wycombe bloke on Oppos view wound me up big time. A bit arrogant and deluded. I suppose we all have em but normally they are quite balanced.

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