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SWFC Supersubs!

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Unquestionably Trevor Francis.


Often subs are like for like aren't they.

Or so it feels these days. 


And sometimes even if a sub mixes things up  bit tactically there's still no guarantee.


But with Trevor coming on you always felt something would happen. 

So fleet of foot. 


Still ran on his toes. So many players as they get older seem to start thudding thru their heels. Maybe it's weight gain. 

I don't know.


But twinkle toes Trevor would come on and terrorise a full back. To see him on the wing, or sometimes as a third wide striker..I was always amazed really that he'd been a centre forward. He looked a natural winger to me. 


Still THE best crosser of a ball.


You know what I really loved though. The way Trevor curled a ball. He'd got such a lovely instep action. 

Infact,  I genuinely don't think I ever saw him leather a ball. 


Mind you, you never saw John Barnes leather a ball either,  unless it was on the half volley.

Though apparently that was due to long standing ankle problem from his teens. 

Had to learn to caress his crosses and shots.

Same as Trevor.

Always such a lovely flow to the way he moved a ball. The way he moved it on to other players. Such a terrific first touch. 


Either foot too. 

I'd have loved to have seen him playing for us a decade earlier.



Definitely Trevor.

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1 hour ago, @owlstalk said:

He'll see this post btw

He used to see both posts but couldn't get the ball in-between

Who needs Cantona ?

When we've got Gordon Watson 🤣


Singing that all through the match at Southampton...he was that thick he didn't realise we were taking thepiss lol

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Francis always gave a lift.

Watson could be relied upon for a fair few goals off the bench.

JJ could lift the crowd if he came on when we were having a drab game.


But, whilst it won't be a popular opinion, I'd go with Nuhiu, just for the carnage he'd cause. Like him or loath him, he made defenders panic and for a not very prolific striker he had an excellent record for goals after 90 minutes.


And he'd be just as effective if you were ahead in a tight game. Held up the ball well and moved like a heavily loaded train. Took an eternity to build up any type of speed but once he got going he would just plough through people.

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