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Wycombe tickets arrived yet?

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19 hours ago, TimoWerther said:

Same, awaiting one ticket order on the second day of sale. Guessing the Ticket Office got overloaded with MK Dons sales....

Mine has arrived today, so I'd assume a lot of others should be too! 

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got mine over a week ago , but 2nd ticket im waiting on got on 2nd day of sales still not arrived ,but seen that many above who got theres on 2nd day and turned up today maybe mine will arrive tomorrow . its all a bit last minute though aint it.  what will happen regards playoff away tickets ? if we play away 1st its either thurs or fri 745pm thats if we finish 3rd or 4th , tickets would go on sale on the monday after the portsmouth game even if they were posted out that day which i think is impossible there would only be a small chance that a few of us would get tickets in time.  we need to start selling tickets with a barcode on our phone or able to print off.  the royal mail has been taking much longer sometimes 7-8 days for a local 2nd class delivery 

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