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Derby relegated

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2 minutes ago, Raminpeace said:

Cheers everyone 👍

Sorry, but you have to appreciate there is a degree of resentment after what happened last season. 


For what it's worth, I don't hate Derby like some on here, but I can't say i'll be shedding many tears for you dropping today. Suppose the most important thing is you've potentially got someone taking over. 

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2 hours ago, Raminpeace said:

Cheers everyone 👍

I wouldn’t take it personally mate (I know some jibes will be low on the list of things at the moment) 

I think it shows how broken football is… Wednesday are a club that’s suffered and so will/are you guys… we’re both good size genuine clubs… but as we aren’t all Man City and Liverpool, the only think to do is to mock each other’s failings. 

In reality Derby and Wednesday deserve better - if we both weren’t such a circus 

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6 hours ago, alanharper said:

Good, never liked them. They can sing their out of tune copied bounce song at Forest Green. Hopefully (especially if we don't go up) starting with another points deduction as well.


Remember when they had a decent run of form a couple of months back and the media were fawning over how amazing Rooney was as a manager?! 

If he'd kept them up and England fail in the WC it's nailed on that all the usual suspects would be touting him as the next England manager.

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The fact that Derby have been so shocking away from home despite having a decent record at Pride Park suggests to me that the players were good enough to compete at that level, but a lack of leadership/motivation from the management team has cost them. It'll be interesting to see how they do if Rooney sticks around next season without a points deduction to do half his job for him.

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8 hours ago, Westfield Owl said:


Playing devil's advocate here, isn't that just what thicko fans of other clubs were saying about us this time last season?

Probably. Guess that makes me thick too eh? We cheated and got punished last season, they cheated and have been punished this season. 

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If they were managed by a normal manager then there wouldn't be so much interest etc.


I don't think anyone gave a throw when we went down in the exact same circumstances. Whilst we only ended up with 6 points knocked off, you could argue ours was even worse. After all, we were relegated by the team who would have gone down were it not for said points deduction.

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4 hours ago, Django said:

3rd season in a row a club has been relegated due to the uselessness of their owners rather than the lack of ability of their football team 



EFL (and the clubs) have opened up a can of worms with this FFP and the punishments. 


Once you start dishing out the fines and points deductions you've got to keep doing it. 


Reading got hit with a fine this season. Could get another one. 


Pretty sure Bristol City and other teams are struggling too. 


Of course, whilst this happens those lucky enough to have been in the PL for a season or two come down armed with parachute payments. 



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