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11 hours ago, Tony Pulis said:

Due by Friday. What are we expecting?

Been told we Will be very competitive when signing new players this summer !! #uto 

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7 hours ago, Road Runner said:


Full covid accounts aren’t they with lack of match day income? 


Yes, plus season ticket refunds and two manager sackings as well. It won't make pretty reading. 

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We are currently under restrictions for not following the efl rules and paying our players on time.


Lets hope we file our accounts on time unlike in 4 years out if 5, because if not then the EFL may see this as us not learning our lesson and possible hit us with more sanctions.


The 20/21 season account will not make for pretty reading, the season after Covid, i think we will be looking at losses in the region of £15-20m with no income from fans season tickets and reduced tv money and reduce attendances.

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We'll be in the red, but looking at this, it is pretty much impossible to run a Championship club anywhere near break even.  Clubs like Brighton, Burnley, Wolves who have gone up and consolidated over a number of seasons without yo-yoing are the model obviously everyone wants to aspire to - as debts can be wiped off and investments made in infrastructure/ academies whilst aiming to make the first team finish in the 10-15 positions.


Don't get me wrong, even yo yo clubs like FUlham, West Brom, Watford and Norwich are miles ahead of where we are, buoyed by pretty consistent Prem earnings/ parachute payments.


Hopefully we get promoted and can convert some of our loan signings into perm - Storey, Dean (injuries notwithstanding), BPF would be top of my list - then add some young, hungry, athletic, technical players wide left, up front and in midfield.

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