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So... Tonights results? What do we think?

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No, but they went as expected. Although the Sunderland goal was a kick in the nuts.


If we maintain our form of the last 6 months to the end of the season though, and either win tomorrow or at least avoid defeat at Wycombe, I think we’ll be ok.

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It makes our destiny our own making 


if we win our game 2 games in hand we literally go 4 points off automatics 


Plymouth losing makes that more achievable 


my guess is if we all 5 of our games ( and I don’t think we Will ) we will go up in second and I believe that 


Our two games in hand over Plymouth leap frogs them


our game in hand over Wycombe and win against them leap frogs them 


our game in hand over Sunderland puts us level with them but above them on goal difference


beat MK dons and our game in hand we go four points behind them and they’ve to play Oxford and Plymouth given that there last two games ( if we beat them ) they will have dropped 4 points the nerves will be there 


Rotherham won’t win tomorrow their wheels have come off 


we win all 5 games abd that should  be the aim is automatics or a few points short 


lose tomorrow our job because hard 


lose against Wycombe and we either t lucky or deservingly fall short


its in our hands


we need to make it count, no excuses  



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Guest mrbluesky
9 hours ago, Fablon Dunlop said:


I was never at a party.


I didn't realise I was at a party.


I was at a party, but I was only there for 10 minutes. 






This statement doesn’t surprise me, particularly the second line.

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10 hours ago, Fablon Dunlop said:

As per title. Didn't really go our way eh? 

nope, as expected though,  and alot of them will be looking at our game very positive we will drop pts, time to make a statement and beat the best of this league on sky with our 5k fans bouncing! 

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