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Former SWFC Under 21's - Where are they now?

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Johnny Fenwick went to the United States on a scholarship like a lot of young players when released. He had a College career for a few years and then went pro. Plays in the USL which is one below the MLS. He is playing for Tulsa.


Khalil Lambin no idea at the moment. Played all over Europe but nothing for a few years.

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51 minutes ago, REDOWL said:

Not the under 21's but the Young Owls FC Under 14's taken from the match day programme v Everton on the 6th Feb 1993. Steven Haslam and Nicky Weaver among the line up here.


IMG_20220414_144547 (500x368).jpg

Dont know where he is at the moment but Ben will be meeting me in the park later lol

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