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Danny Cowley desperate to sign George Hirst

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More chance of Portsmouth winning automatic promotion this season than this happening


Unless he takes a huge paycut. 


Plus their fans are heavily divided on him. This was a player that before the new year, couldn't hit a cows backside with a banjo (as like all of Portsmouths non league standard strike force). It's only really been the signing of Alan O'Brien from Sunderland that has turned their strike force round. 


They're about to lose Sean Raggett as well who's been an outstanding player for them. He doesn't want to sign a contract with a side that has zero ambition going on reports from the local media down there

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14 hours ago, Quickly Kevin said:


His dads a legend but was heavily involved in his move.

His dad was the main reason for his head being turned. Truth is with everything that followed probably set his career back by 3 seasons.

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1 hour ago, @owlstalk said:


He was smashing in goals at every level he was asked to




So that made him worth what his Dad was demanding?.

It's took him 5 years to score 11 goals in the league.

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On 13/04/2022 at 10:09, Bpmber said:

I wouldn’t be so sure after the verbal he got from us at Fratton Park 

“you’re dad’s a legend but you’re a c***”

Lets just hope that its not him who has the last laugh on the final day of the season

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I think we should be in for him if he’d want to come back here. Who wouldn’t leave us to go a team with better aspirations for their younger players, better facilities and so on…. Example too with shaw leaving, they’re getting offered better opportunities elsewhere, they’re going to take them ffs. I’m a Wednesdayite, but if Celtic came calling you’d be daft enough not to take that chance. Money talks….

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It's all history  now..... makes my blood boil still though.


Forver will be a scar Chansiri can never remove. The unbelievable ineptitude of his running of the vlub and the moment we saw he had NO idea what to do with academy players. Huge loss because we could have lost him anyway but to a club for money... instead the failure to act early enough and the arrogance you can't afford outside the premiership ment we let time go by and him to slip through our fingers. 


Still not really shown he's woken up to that danger of not tieing down our best youngsters or its just none have come through for so long.

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23 hours ago, @owlstalk said:

You have absolutely no idea what his dad was demanding or if indeed his dad was demanding anything

You are right, I can only go on what has been stated on here.

Bullen is said to have Intimated that he wanted the average wage of a 1st team striker?.

The club are said to have made an offer that would have made him the highest paid Junior in the History of the club.

Either way, would our fans have given him 5 years to get where he is today?, I think not.

He is part of the history of this club now, move on.

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On 14/04/2022 at 11:37, @owlstalk said:

You have absolutely no idea what his dad was demanding or if indeed his dad was demanding anything

Hirst Jnr was looking for a contract that was more than DC was prepared to pay. That bit we do know. 

How much and how long we don't know.

Anyway he will make a career in lower league 

football at best.

Good luck to him.

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On 13/04/2022 at 09:19, paulrs said:

Looking at the goals he’s scored this season, the fact he’s stayed fit and he’s only 23 you’d have to say he’s a better option than ANY of the strikers we have right now. 

Can’t understand why anyone would laugh at this post. Not sure if any of our strikers has bagged 11 but the only one who seems capable is Gregory who is at the other end of his career. I’d have him back in the blink of an eye but that won’t happen with Chansiri. Unfortunate all around as if he left at the exact time he would have got game time.

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Only Lee Gregory has a better league apps/goals ratio than Hirst this season. 


Lee Gregory


10 league goals in 21 league appearances = 0.32 goals a game




6 goals in 27 league appearances = 0.22


Hirst Jnr


8 league goals in 36 league appearances = 0.22 goals a game




4 league goals in 22 league appearances = 0.18




6 league goals in 35 league appearances = 0.17 goals a game




2 league goals in 13 league appearances = 0.15 goals per game


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