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Moore’s Future if Promotion isn’t reached

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3 minutes ago, areNOTwhatTHEYseem said:


I thought the question was, 'Do We stick with Moore next season if we are unsuccessful to get promoted ?'



Yeah was just replying to the thread of someone saying no , Moore needs to be on his bike if we don’t get promoted.

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Just now, SiJ said:



If we miss out on the top 6, then I think some serious questions have to be asked tbh. 


If we do get in the play offs, but come up short, then I'd stick with him, albeit he would need to get off to a positive start next season. 


There are things I like about Moore, the recruitment, the style of football we usually play, but then I do have some misgivings about whether he's the guy who will eventually get us promoted. 


Also worth saying that with our chairman's track records, we could end up appointing someone much worse. 

Yes agreed.

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Just now, Teddy Nickelarse said:

Yes agreed.

It's frustrating, cause we are not far off...but it's those fine details which make the difference between promotion and being nearly men. 


Play offs are always a lottery and we could always play brilliantly well and still end up missing out. 


If we actually miss out though, what with having it in our hands, then I think it becomes difficult to justify keeping Moore on, albeit you then face the prospect of another rebuild. 

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