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Pink Away Shirt

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By my calculations we’ve won 7 points wearing the pink shirt this season*

















*by calculations I mean a complete guess 



















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Just now, upperwinngardensowl said:

There was absolutely no reason to change shirts today. Basically they played in a light top and dark shorts and we played in a light top and dark shorts. 
It should always be blue and white stripes unless there’s a clash, always

they play in white our shirt is more than  50% white its a no brainer that we change .....i cant ever recall us not changing when the home team play in white .

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It's a nice shirt as a collectors piece but that's all.


If you value tradition at all DC back to yellow next season please with blue shorts. Preferably as per the 91/92 kit.

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7 hours ago, GermanBird said:

I do love our pink away shirt. It looks good (IMO)


But I am starting to believe that it's unlucky. Am I the only one, who blames the pink shirt for the draw today?


We should have played in stripes anyway. On ifollow it was horrible to differentiate between both teams ... expecially in sunlight. 




I love the pink shirt.  


And I've always had a thing for Palermo's pinks as well.


To me, the pink shirt is a close second to the silver/purple away kit of the late 80s for best away kit.


Never cared for the yellows, makes it look like they rolled the Norwich players as they were getting off the bus and stole their shirts



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absolutely horrid kit by far the worst we have ever worn , if they sold it for a fiver a pop i still wouldnt buy one.  why does the club insist on filling the club job with junk from the past? get it on sale now and get every past kit completely sold and out of the shop , start at 20quid and work down to a fiver until stock has all gone. 

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