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Best performance...

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25 minutes ago, Hugh Jarce said:

...Of the season,IMVHO.

But,why,oh why can't we defend corners?

Gutted,scoreline wise,but cannot fault anyone today.

Upwards,and onwards.


I look at it like this^^^ it drives you mad when it happens again and again, but loads of teams do it, at this level anyway.

Oxford did it today, Wimbledon did it for us last week. Who can explain it?? Why don’t players just keep the ball that late on?? Who knows ,it seems to be a mental strength thing.

Might aswell move on and let the players and management worry about it. I will not allow Sheffield Wednesday to spoil my Saturday night. They made my weekend last Saturday! I’m blocking this one out!

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It was a good game for a neutral, as a Wednesday fan we got what I expected. Giving away 2 points at that stage of the game is gut wrenching even though we should be used to it by now.

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15 minutes ago, wakefieldowl said:

I think most will disagree. Nowhere near our best


Everyone's a bit mardy,because we concede late,but overall we completely dominated.Disappointed in conceding late,but we absolutely bossed it.

The 6-0 was obviously a great result, but  Cambridge were bobbar really.

I'll stand by ot.

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We might not have been at our best today, but but we was far the  better side and deserved the win. But one mistake has cost us !!

   Promotion is still on !! #uto 

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23 minutes ago, beswetherick said:

We’ve played better and we’ve played worse - the performance was decent at times but nothing more



This ^ 


Missed some sitters, mainly due to not playing a striker upfront and dominated a poor Bolton side.


A draw away from home. Meh. Whatever. 

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I actually thought we played well too just the finishing again cost us dearly 


we closed down loads won the majority of second balls created some great chances then….


said it two games ago and pre match play strikers as strikers not wingers up top


That  decision cost us 3 points today 


next season we need to address this we need 3 strikers that can finish windass as much as I rate him hasn’t contributed at all this season due absence. If we can’t get him fit cash in 


we need height in this team and we need another centre midfield to see our games ours are too small and in some games we are nullified and our midfield seems non existent ( not today they were really good I thought ) 


their number 4 looked good in centre of park today 

someone like him would be on my wish list with I’ll say it again ladapo 

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