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Colin Retires

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On 10/04/2022 at 10:05, sheffield_dave said:


Well they both left under a cloud, so it's not surprising. 


The difference is that Wilder created the cloud himself, and also isn't a "panto villain" - he's just a tw*t. Warnock at least has something about him. You can walk into any Blades pub and find a Chris Wilder. The bitterest bertie in the corner.


Warnock would have kept United up with the money Wilder got, and probably for a while. 

 Those types  are the typical  football bore  

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A rogue of a manager and man.


i will say though his finest two moments were somehow taming the boardroom mess at qpr and getting promoted, and definitely at number 1 the way he conducted himself after the death of Sala at cardiff .  After they won their next game and he did the lap of honour in tears even I felt emotional.  

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