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Trains to Bolton

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Just a heads up the 845 train to Manchester and 910 ain't running was 4 weeks ago when booked . It's grand national day and 5200 weds heading that way man utd away at Everton and our rail companies have pulled the trains nothing to with covid or late cancellations either as they were removed  from the schedule well over a week ago. Can see the trains been dangerously over crowded 

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2 minutes ago, casbahowl said:

We’re on the 09:17 to Piccadilly……. Loads of Wednesday but still seats available!

The slow train. Plenty of views though . Takes 1hour 25 stops everywhere at least u on the way though 

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54 minutes ago, Inspector Lestrade said:


Having it with cheese?

When I was a 15 year old apprentice in the early 70's, I had to fetch ham n' pic sarnies from the local cafe for the blokes on the shopfloor. 

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