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Bolton - Wednesday - OMDT

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8 minutes ago, fpowl said:

Can’t understand Mendez Laing up front when Patterson and berahino is on the bench 


that’s like trying to put a square peg in a round hole 


All you have to do is shave a bit off...

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6 minutes ago, Django said:

We’ll see what we’re made of today


We haven’t won many of this type of game this season 

I honestly fear the worst, sunny, breezy, dry day away at Bolton, not the best footballing conditions, defo not to our liking, hope ime wrong.

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22 minutes ago, SiJ said:

Tbf, NML should have scored a goal last week. 


He is a handful, though I prefer him playing a bit deeper. 

Exactly this.

He needs to be running at opposition not up front with back to goal waiting for a ball.

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14 minutes ago, MBMitchell said:

I'll probably get pelters as he will have a good game now I'm gonna say this



Nml should not be a striker, what has berahino done to annoy dm so much



We are led to believe he is a confidence player, from what I have read at least. I just know if I was him I would be wondering what I needed to do to get in the starting eleven



DM ffs round pegs round holes.......


To hear many on here tell it, earlier in the season Moore was the only person who saw anything in Berahino and was only including him in the squad because he's his 'mate'.




We have no idea if he's got a slight niggle or has been ill of course, but either way, I can see the logic of using Mendez-Laing's power and pace up top in a game like today. If needed, we always have Berahino or Paterson to come on against a tiring defence.

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1 minute ago, CircleSeven said:

Good to see a new corner routine. Managed to be both offside and straight out of play. Genius. 

How in the blue hell do you manage to get yourself offside from a corner? 

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