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Bolton - Wednesday - OMDT

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It's down to the nitty gritty. Are we good enough, have we got the mental strength to make it to the finish line........?


I'd take a point, think that would be ok.



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Five of us going tomorrow. True story, my old man bumped into DM at the petrol station today. Spent 10-15 mins talking. DM said lump on 3-1 Wednesday, Gregory to score first & last. Also back Fiddlerontheroof in the National. Wrap up warm, it’s going to be a cold one !

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22 minutes ago, Lord Snooty said:

Evening chums. Or morning. Depending where you are. Or what you do, even.
Perhaps you work evenings. Perhaps you're a milkman in Brisbane. Do Australians have milk delivered? I suppose some must. 
Or perhaps you're a gentleman burglar. Reading this having just got back in from a night's plundering.
Either way, whatever the time of day, greetings all. 

I must first apologise for this tardy OMDT. For it is written by hand and sent by Rook, or at least will be,  to Hargreaves where I hope he ,or at least his long suffering secretary, Norma, can convert it to the printed word.

The reason for this kerfuffle is that the old OMDT computer has gone for a Burton tonight.

For my overweight , slovenly and- yes, I'll say it and mean it - conceited cat, Jemson,  has for once in his life attempted to move from his usual position and have a 'mad half hour' as I'm told normal cats do. 




Usually one doesn't worry about his 'mad half hour', as the nearest he comes to movment is adjusting his fat furry arris into another position and falling back asleep.

Alas, tonight he instead decides to go in full kitten mode and has ragged the cables and sent the OMDT machine crashing to the floor.

Spools of tape, little green boards spinning like coasters and the lettered keys exploding across the room like Scrabble tiles after a "fun family games night" finishes in the usual explosive fashion when the mother in law has had too many sherries.

Stubbs is, as we speak, sat with the Gorilla glue and a pile of fragmented plastic of various colours in front of him like an electronic jig-saw. If any man can, he can. But I fear the worst. There's a palid colour to him. A confused look on his usually calm and ready looking head.

So, here I sit. Quill in hand. Rook at the ready.  But with no access to my picture files. And having to do some bodgit and scarper cut and paste!

My sincere apologies.
Here it is...

                           Team News..


• Olamide Shodipo and Fisayo Dele-Bashiru both returned to action last weekend, but centre-back Jordan Storey remains a doubt.

• Darren Moore could make one change to the side that beat AFC Wimbledon last time out with Callum Paterson or Saido Berahino returning to partner Lee Gregory up top.



• Bolton will be forced to make changes from their  1-1 draw with Portsmouth midweek, as  Ricardo Santos, Oladapo Afolayan and Kyle Dempsey all had to come off with injuries and join Kieran Lee, former owl in the sick bay.



                           FORM - LAST 4







So, yes. I'm afraid that's it from me. 

Apologies all.

Though I'm sure, being the superstitious lot we are, that if we arrive at the 3 points , and arrive their in comfort then you'll have me doing  it by hand again next week too. 


Let's hope so.

Up the Owls




Never fear my lord, the bratwurst will be ready to go and I’m sure the owlsman will be ready when half time beckons.

Greatness awaits you Wednesday 

you’re everywhere and nowhere baby 


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Here's the squad Wednesday have to choose from this week.


Stat of the Week: Last week Lee Gregory became the 11th player to hit double figure goals in a season for the Owls in the third tier, after: Terry Curran, Brian Hornsby, Steve MacLean, Gary Madine, Andy McCulloch, Ian Mellor, Neil Mellor, Mick Prendergast, Tommy Tynan and Rodger Wylde.



Screenshot 2022-04-09 at 00.50.57.png

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Thanks mylord for the OMDT. 

As cats are generally lucky for us, I predict a demolishing win and important 3 points.

0:5 for the owls 

Up the owls 🦉 (and the cats 🐈‍⬛)


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Big acid test today . We have to win at least 2 of our away games out of 4 , Bolton are missing 4 key players probably there best 4 players,  on top of that Ian evett says they have other injuries/knocks and covid (illness) he didn't look too happy . 

These are the games if we want top 6 we have to win ,our away form and style of play has been shocking but backed by over 5200 surely they can lift there game today and get the result. Nothing is guaranteed as we all know but if we can't beat this Bolton side today ripped by injuries and illness and who played Tuesday then we won't deserve a top 6 spot. Up the owls its time to deliver . 

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Unlucky M'lud, or is this the modern equivalent of 'The dog ate my homework'? Still it worked when @GermanBird stepped in the other week so I'm taking this as a good omen. It could be a magnificent day for us, wish I could be there. Going for a 0-3 Wednesday win and a party atmosphere on here later. Come on you blues.



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