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Away form

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Not that good, is it? About 10th best in the league.

Top of the league at home, which is great, but considering we've got 4 away games left and if we get through to the play offs, one of those will be away, it's going to have to improve. 


My only hope is that 3 out of the 4 teams we play away are not 'sit 11 players behind the ball teams' and hopefully that might suit us. 

Really don't want to have to rely on beating Portsmouth on that last day.

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Guest Andy W
54 minutes ago, DoesJackHunt said:

We will win all the games 

That would be super...highly highly improbable but super

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It’s going to be a wild ride for the next few games as teams go on late runs and others have sudden dips in form (such as Oxford seem to have suddenly hit). But it’s in our hands and we just have to keep fighting to the end of every game like we did at the weekend and I’m sure we will be Ok. 

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