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Man of the Match & Player Ratings vs Wimbledon (H)

Man of the Match & Player Ratings vs Wimbledon (H)  

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  1. 1. Man of the Match?

    • Peacock-Farrell
    • Iorfa
    • Dean
    • Hutchinson
    • Hunt
    • Johnson
    • Luongo
    • Byers
    • Bannan
    • Mendez-Laing
    • Gregory
    • Berahino
    • Shodipo
    • Paterson

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Could we in future maybe have the following additional options:

- The whole team

- The fans/supporters

- Moore

- The Ref


I gave MOM to Gregory for the goal,  but BPF would also deserve it for this vital save.

If I had the choice, I would have given it to the whole team.


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Not a great performance but brilliant result.

Bowen is a good manager at this level and he totally nullified us. However, he’s talking poo when he says they deserved the 3 points. Ridiculous cheating and time wasting. They got what they deserved…nowt!


BPF 7 nowt to do but brilliant save at end gets us the points.

Hunt 7 thought their wide player did a good job on him. Extra point for an excellent header

Iorfa 4 awful performance. I’ve docked him an extra point for me saying he should be playing. Made me look like a ********!

Dean 6 ok but struggled with their nippy strikers. Good leadership but not sure about him to be honest.

Hutch 6 the best of the defence but a minus point for the first goal. Poor defending 

Johnson 6 very poor first half but better in the second 

Luongo 5 very poor. Is he tired? Unfortunately, we can’t rest him as the other options are poor

Byers 5 see above. Did very little

Bannan 7 great ball for Hunt’s goal and kept us on the front foot

Mendez-Laing 5 nothing went right for him. Is not a striker. Should only play there as an impact sub

Gregory 8 I thought he was excellent. Constantly fouled but held the ball up very well. Excellent finish too.


Berahino 5 no impact 

Shodipo 7

Paterson 7 I don’t usually score late subs but both had a huge impact. Mide was positive, running at a tired defence and an excellent header by Pato for the goal.


Moore 7 comes out smelling of roses due to his subs but my worry is that we can only play one way under him. Surely from the 60th minute we didn’t need 3 CB’s. He should have gone 4-4-2 or 4-3-3 and really gone at them.  It’s a big worry for me that he seems so inflexible even though he’s done some very good things this season.

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Baz all day for me. Not just for the assist and setting up the second, but for his vision to pick out some of those passes today. Showed some real quality and looked the best player on the pitch, by some distance.




If I'm right that's now double figures in assists for Baz and double figures in goals for Gregory?

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Quality 3

Resilience 10


BPF - 8 - great save. Made it difficult and reacted brilliantly. Nothing to do otherwise.


Iorfa - 6 - I wanted him in but his confidence looks shot. Horribly uncomfortable on the ball. Gave it away far too often.


Dean - 8 - awesome game. Plays like he’s captain. An absolute shoe-in now.


Hutch - 6.5 - what was he thinking for their goal? Kid’s error stopping to appeal. Wish he’d stop turning round to play it backwards.

Hunt - 8 - terrific again. The one aspect that’s been missing, his finishing, his now there in spades. His confidence must be sky-high. Who’d have thought he could keep NML out of his best position?


Johnson - 6.5 - way below his recent brilliance. Still a threat and with Bannan inside they are a huge danger. 

Luongo - 7 - worked very hard and always available but his usual quality missing.


Byers - 6.5 - similar to Luongo. Quiet day.


Bannan - 9 - Superb from first to last. The fulcrum of every attack. Wonder-cross for Hunt, super cross for Paterson. Without question our MoM yesterday. (I was sat in the South right behind him for the Hunt cross. I could hear the ball begging to be hit home)


NML - 4 - stop it Darren. He’s not a striker. What more do you need to see. You’ve Saido and Paterson in the goals. Just stop it. What we got away with yesterday won’t be the case against the better teams in the run-in and play-offs. Just stop.


Gregory - 7 - thought he was poor upto the 92nd minute but upped his marks for obvious reasons. I do have sympathy though - he’s being used as a lone-striker because NML is awol.


Saido - 6 - involved in the winner. Too quiet and too little time to shine.


Paterson - 7 - wouldn’t normally mark for 6 minutes but what an impact. Fantastic - well done.



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We managed to grind out a win but we were far from convincing.

In last week's review I mentioned that NML was reducing the overall effectiveness of the team.by pulling wide and think it was the same yesterday.

Thought the defence looked very shaky yesteday.


BPF.      7.   Competent, and the save when they were through 1on1  probably won us three points as I.don't think we would have come back.


Hutchinson.   5   Poor game by his standards.

Dean               6.5  Decent showed some good leadership.

Iorfa                4.5.    Looked poor maybe rusty.


Johnson.        5.  No space to work in

Byers.             5.  Didn't get going.

Luongo.          5.5.  Poor by his high standards.

Bannan.          7 MoM 

Hunt.              6.5.   Good goal but overall restricted.


Gregory.         6.5    Kept plugging away and got the match winner.

NML                4.5  Hampers our play when pulling wide.

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What a difference a goal makes!


Before our second went in most around me were complaining about how poor we were. It was certainly a difficult watch but Wimbledon, fighting for their lives, set up really well and could easily have got more from the game.


Bannan MoM for me. Instrumental in most of our good play. We'd struggle to create much without him. So pleased for Hunt - he's getting in some great positions.


As others have said, please Darren, stop messing around with ML. Can see your thinking but he's not a striker. Use him out wide or not at all. Many more poor performances from him will ruin his confidence. 

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Hunt for me. Kept finding acres of space and the goal of course. Well, that’s right foot, header, just want the left foot next week for a fullbacks perfect hat trick.

We weren’t convincing though, again. But if we can keep winning when we’re not playing well that’s a good sign. Daren needs to get his thinking cap to open up these 11 man defences.

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BPF    -    7


Hutchinson    -    6

Dean     -    7

Iorfa    -    5


Hunt    -    7.5

Luongo    -    5

Byers    -    5

Bannan    -    8.5    MOM......pray he stays fit

Johnson    -    5


Gregory    -    7.5

NML    -    5


Dodged a bullet.................and IMHO it`s displays like this that explains why there does`nt seem to be that promotion fire and excitement in the crowd........................hopefully a big away win in the next two weeks will ignite that.

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BPF - 7 - we’ll look back at that save as being an important moment in the season..


Iorfa - 5 - controlled by someone on a play station surely?

Dean - 8 - Excellent. Must start going forwards.


Hutchinson - 6 - at fault for the goal


Hunt - 7 - always found space and not used enough


Johnson - 6 - not at his best but not helped being shunted around.


Bannan - 8 - shouldn’t be in this division


Byers - 5 - no real impact


Luongo - 6 - won possession but unusually wasteful with the ball.


NML - 4 - let’s stop this experiment.


gregory - 7 - isolated but did what he needed to at the end.

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BPF - 7 - looked more convincing last few games and made a crucial stop 


Iorfa - 5 - not sure what’s up. Maybe he needs time to get back on it or this style doesn’t suit him 

Dean - 8 - Fantastic. Hope he stays fit rest of the season 


Hutchinson - 6 - not great today and disaster for the goal


Hunt - 7 - was an average game for him but the goal and the effort deserves a 7


Johnson - 7. I thought he had a decent game. His bar is set high now so when he just has a decent game it’s disappointing. 
He did really well coming forward at LCB and covered sooo much ground today 


Bannan - 8.5. Immense! The driving force 


Byers - 6. Worked hard and did ok 


Luongo - 7. Similar to Marv, his bar is set high. He is in the middle of everything and is so strong 


NML - 6. Has to play wide. 


gregory - 9. It was a tough match for him, always having 3-4 men on him, but he’s up for the fight and gave them more trouble as the game wore on. Great position taken up for his goal and a really measured finish!

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