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Barry Bannan today

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I think there have been times where managers have struggled to fit Bannan successfully into a system.


I think Bannan generally played his best football for Carlos though he’s had his moments for the other managers he’s played for.


But now I think he looks like he’s genuinely enjoying his football, comfortable with the captaincy and probably has an affinity with the club like no other current player.


We get promoted this season and he’s a big reason why and fair play to Moore for helping Bannan finally find his happy place here.

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6 hours ago, hirstys_achilles said:

I think we've learnt that bannan is a much better player when he has a balanced midfield playing with him. 

Luongo and Byers equally important now I think to the whole teams performance. Bannan so much more effective playing furthest forward.



Finally after years of his mis management either being played deep (or in the case of monk in front of the back 4) or with passengers as partners were playing him high up the pitch and he is confident in the players (Luongo Byers) that are behind him to be able to express himself and the goals and assist tally’s have risen. Yes we’re in league one which helps but this is the first time since we had Hutchinson Lee Lopez that Bannan has been played this way and we’re reaping the rewards.



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