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OK, it's not Wednesday related and I'm probably the only person in the world to have thought this, and I know I'm opening myself up to ridicule here, but I always thought Stephen Hendry and Martina Hingis looked identical, OK, not in all respects obviously but facial I mean.😂

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17 minutes ago, areNOTwhatTHEYseem said:


Yes, it really is impossible to tell them apart...







That’s is uncanny. 

Hendry's face looks like he’s just recovering from a thrashing with her racket. 

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OK, I asked for that although I think it's a bit unfair as I really meant a comparison when Hendry was much younger, prior to the beard, but you all probably knew that.

Sticking with the snooker theme, what about Grahame Dott and Vladimir Putin, now they are dead ringers so much so the International Criminal Court tried to arrest Dott for war crimes.

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