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15 hours ago, catdog1121 said:

He is 16, would not be a good idea to play him in league one, a very physical league..  Maybe another year or so then yes, these teams sniffing around know this, they want to get in before he starts playing incase he is any good then they would have to pay more...  Better to buy 100 players that might have a chance at £10k each than one that has started to play and doing well and you end up having to pay £3 million for..  Its terrible as someone else said they just horde these players and stunt their development, just look at George Hirst, got snapped up by a prem team, spent a year in some league B in Belgium, gets dumped into Championship with a poor team then this year a league one average team, he is now 23 and his development is ruined...

I understand the point you’re making but that maths lol


100 x £10k x 52 is £52m a year 


So surely better to pay £3m for the one that looks like making it

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