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Team For The 2 Must Win Home Games

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2 minutes ago, Holmowl said:

The OP refers to these as ‘must-wins’ yet only one poster wanting Berahino & Paterson up front, with everyone else wanting Gregory to start.


Thats only one of us wanting the players who were scoring regularly in a largely successful side, with everyone else wanting Gregory, whose scoring has completely dried up in a less successful team. 





I do get your point and I do agree that it's odd.

As you said: Pato has recently contributed well to our scoreline, while Gregory doesn't find the goal anymore.

But I would start Gregory & Berahino nevertheless.


My reasoning is that I want us to play a rather stable starting eleven for the rest of the season. 

I am convinced that Gregory and Berahino are the natural strikers, who will provide goals in the long run.

They just need to start in a few consecutive games and  I am sure that they will start scoring just for fun. 


Windass is great, but I would use him only as a regular sub to make sure he stays fit till Wembley.

I'm sorry for Pato, but he's on the bench for me 

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