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1 hour ago, Mat-Owl said:

Really enjoyed this, Pats is a right character isn't he?!! ☺️

An undervalued member of the squad in so many ways by sone in here


input him in the semedo and attey mould his contributions will be missed more when he’s gone 


I can’t imagine a days boring going in to work with Patto 

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30 minutes ago, reggae said:

Bipolar is harsh. But as a 27 year old man he can act like a 15 year old. 😂😂😂

Yet still has the ability to speak as though he has 50 yrs of wisdom. 

27 year old man, who acts 15 and looks 46. 

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I’m sure Paterson just lies in all these to see how gullible the interviewer is! 

The in house one he said he was a trainee dentist, in this one he was in the National Choir of Scotland. I’m sure I’ve heard him with another absolutely outrageous shout too. 


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