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Gillingham Sheffield Wednesday - OMDT

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Love it...Stubbs makes a good point, once a game is over, it's OVER, has no bearing on the next game.  


Gillingham 0, Wednesday 2,  take your pick on the goalscorer(s),  could be anybody, Wednesday goals come from most anybody, from anywhere within range of the net.


I just hope Wednesday plays their game, and doesn't worry about how Gillingham WANTS to play.  Let Gillingham worry,  that sets them on the back foot before the game even starts.

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It's all about the ability to bounce straight back from setbacks and keep the points ticking over. In recent weeks we've shown we have the application and belief to do that so 0-2 to the Owls. 


Top six and a playoff spot is well within reach, something I would have snatched your hand off for after that 5-0 defeat to Sunderland and the loss at Shrewsbury....... 

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Six weeks ago it looked like we were falling so far behind that our season would peter out and we’d have a pretty meaningless run-in.


Three weeks ago it looked like we’d secure a play-off place by early April and we’d have a relatively meaningless run-in awaiting the play-offs.


We’ve ended up with neither, and it looks like our fate is going to be decided in the final few games. 

It’s going to be a very bumpy, stressful but exciting ride. Every game, every point, and possibly even every goal will make the difference by 30th April. 

I’m enjoying every one of these games, even when we lose, knowing we are right in the hunt. I’m looking forward to 3pm.


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7 minutes ago, NobbyStyle said:

Great OMDT Lord Snooty.

Are you suggesting “it’s the hope that kills you”?


I’m going for a 0-2 to the Wednesday Club.


 I’ll bet Brian Laws is relieved Sithole is out of the game. 



Hope that prediction is correct. My lads first away game. Come on Wednesday!!! 

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Another great early morning rumble milord. Do you ever sleep? 

Anyway today is THE day. 

Wednesday to win 2-1 after conceding first. 

Berahino to score early in second half and wait for it JACK HUNT to score the winner in added time. 

He falls over doing a slide celebration, pulls a muscle and is out for the rest of the season. 

Hopefully I've got the last bit wrong. 

Safe journey to all you away day supporters. Gillingham. Another of those places we should never have to play. Not the centre of the footballing universe. Over 400 mile round trip deserves an epic performance and a win. 

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Thanks Snoots for this most enlightening OMDT. 

I now see with the greatest clarity that the Owls are responsible for the onset of my Bipolar Disorder.... I was fine until I was first ravaged by symptoms on 14th May 1966 and have never been the same since. 

I have now decided to instruct my solicitors to sue the club for punitive compensation. 

Another matchday sees me taking my tea, toast, Diazepam and Antipsychotics. 

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