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4th generation WAWAW

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I remember my dad and my uncle taking me in the 60's


My dad did a runner to Cornwall in the early seveties so I started going to games with a mate


Saw my dad twice after that at two family funerals, but he didn't stop to chat


I passed the curse on to my daughter and my son


Their first game was a 2-0 defeat at home to Burnley around 2000


Daughter stopped coming with us over 10 years ago, she gets to the odd game, she was at Wembley for the play off final, and she went to the cup game at Stamford Bridge when we lost 3-0 to Chelsea


Me and my son are still season ticket holders


There's nothing finer than taking your kids to games

Just a bloke, who used up all his luck in one go when he met his wife.

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I’m a Dad now of a 23 year old. I’ve brought him up like my dad did with me. Took him Hillsborough as a toddler as my Dad did with me. He caught the addiction immediately.The best days of my life walking from Claywheels lane to the ground,having seen the floodlights light up the sky. Excitement,expectation and gratitude for the experience.
Memories I hope I’ll never forget.


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1 hour ago, DevonOwls said:

Devon Owls are going tomorrow. Ground number 81 for me, nowt compared with the proper fans on here but I have lived a long way from Hillsboro for the last 40 years.
Is there honestly anything better that you could ever do as a Dad and 21 year old son? WAWAW is a great mantra but father and son WAWAW is even better. I went with my Mum in the late 70s and 80s and she went all of over the country watching Wednesday and Yorkshire cricket with her Dad in the 50s and 60s. 4th gen WAWAW and my lad who has never lived in Sheffield could not love Wednesday more. Come on you blue and white wizaaards! 🦉

I will always remember my Dad taking me for the first time in 1963 and likewise I will never forget taking my son and daughter for their first Wednesday game. 

Good on you mate and any Wednesday fan is a proper fan.

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Remember coming out of school in the 70s..My dad waiting at the gates … Never ever known him finish work early.. … “Come on …we’re off to villa park “….fa cup reply with Crystal Palace..won 3-2 … Brian joicey hat trick .. …..coach from Ecclesfield….sat with my dad … watching him laughing and singing with his mates ….WAWAW…best memories ever 

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