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Carlos Carvalhal on the march

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I've said this before but I don't think it's any coincidence that our best moments as a club happen to be when our managers also wear great coats.

The last one being Carlos.

It's just so obvious what Darren Moore needs to do.

He's also 'Big' so will be in with the God Tier Wednesday managers of 'Big' Jack and 'Big' Ron if he only just started to wear a really nice coat. 
Carlos wasn't Big so couldn't quite get us over the line as his coat could only do so much.
So infuriating.









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1 hour ago, @owlstalk said:


Thats like asking who’s done better since the hit and run accident crippled the victim - the driver who sped off leaving the carnage behind, or the poor bloke left unable to walk and with one eyeball hanging out after being flung fourty foot down the road onto a metal railing 

I give up I'm out of here. I would write a reply but I'd be barred.

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18 hours ago, Waddle93 said:


You can't guarantee success at Wembley or in the play offs full stop but we got there and had a chance.

How is Carlos to blame for that it was about 4 seasons ago.

ive never blamed Carlos for getting us to Wembley…however Carlos was to blame for the lack of progress in the back of his good work!! Who else is at fault for that?? 

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