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Wednesday - V - Burton Albion - OMDT

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Well, we're winning, but looking very hesitant at the back.

Too much fanning about in the defence early on, which needs to stop. I think BPF must've seen the ball late for the goal, but should've done better.

Sow looks ok at times and weak at others, too isolated most of the time.


On the plus side, Bannan and Johnson looking good again and two good goals scored (pleased for Liam)

We should be fine for the 3 points here, but need to focus more second half.


Come on Wednesday, don't ruin my birthday now!



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A slightly worrying end to the half, our old panicky ways are back, keep calm lads, you've got this.


Two cracking goals for us, a lucky deflected goal for them, and one dirty, diving ******* for Burton.


Go out out and destroy them second half, come on Wednesday!

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