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If we'd of had Adam Reach... We would be top 2

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1 minute ago, Emerson Thome said:

Switch Tom Lees for Adam Reach and I might agree with you.

No stop, the point stands the tread doesn't. Another time another thread. Plus he is doing well for Huddersfield.

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8 hours ago, Shadowl said:

Delete this thread please

Looks like it’s staying.  
The good thing for me is by having ‘of’ instead of whatever you intended it to be I now read the statement in the accent ******** Van Dyke’s Bert had in Mary Popins…


As for the statement, my view is Reach was never much cop as a wingback. We play with wingbacks. He would make no difference at all to us. But he’d probably have got a run out at left sided CB for a few games. Which would have been fun. 

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8 hours ago, Suzuki_San said:

I personally think that this should not be deleted at all, but be pinned for 5 full days. To show the effects of alcohol on human beings and the devastating effect on embarassment, should your incredibly misguided decisions be laid bare for everyone to see.  



I can see it now, flashback to my school days - teacher wheeling the massive ‘80s telly into the classroom and telling us to ‘watch the video, which will be followed by a short test’


Some reyt cheesy music and graphics, then a random bloke who was on Blue Peter about 8 years back stands behind a bad actor pretending to Internet while telling us about the dangers of posting to Owlstalk hammered


“Pause the video here, and decide in your workgroups - what should Shadowl have done?”

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