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Coke reacts to Hutch and Palms claims of being the most 'unorganised geezer you'll ever meet'.

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You've all seen the video, Hutch and Palms picking their Best Wednesday XI and both picking Giles Coke. Hutch having him in centre mid and Palms having him on the bench. 


On the pod, of course we had to mention it to Giles and get his reaction to the claims that Hutch made of him being unreliable, and Palms for causing him to pick up fines for being late when on the carpool and being the most 'unorganised geezer you'll ever meet'. 


>>>> LISTEN HERE <<<<


Skip to 1:25:50 if you don't want to listen to the whole show. But I mean why would you want to skip??? 


We appreciate all of you that do listen to us on a regular basis. Thanks for your support. garymegson


On a side note, why don't the club put more content out like this? I mean I don't want a Best XI every week, but they certainly need to up their game somewhat. 

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6 hours ago, Emerson Thome said:

Was this the very rare one?


Perhaps rare because they seem to have mistaken Pembridge for Wally Hammond.


Screenshot 2022-02-07 at 13.13.15.png

Yes. Pembridge. Although I recall that they have one in the black/yellow away or is it the green away? Can’t remember. 

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