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Callum Patterson - Not a Striker

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8 minutes ago, CourteenerOwl said:

I don’t blame Moore for starting Patterson upfront because Kamberi had played a lot of minutes. His options were limited. 

Patterson really is dire upfront and it was made crystal clear when Kamberi came on. The little clever touches and bits of movement that come naturally to Kamberi because he’s a striker - don’t for Patterson. 

We put him up there because he’s big but ironically he rarely wins any headers and can’t hold the ball up.


Patterson should be utilised as either one of the three in the middle or wing back cover. They are his best positions.


Kamberi and Sow upfront next game I would say. 

I'd definitely go with that providing Gregory's not yet ready.

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You’re probably right although he has produced one or two classy finishes during his time at Hillsborough.

Sometimes I think that he’s worth bringing on when we’re 2-0 up and there’s a quarter of an hour to go if only for his shithousery.

Put it this way, when the line up is announced at 2pm I’m never disappointed if Patterson’s name is missing.

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Thing is, neither are Sow or NML really strikers. NML has hardly ever played it, and Sow has played more as a winger.


Berahino looks poor.


Paterson is fine while Gregory is out. But Kamberi should be a starter everytime for me.

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No way should make major changes but all for odd little tweak for squad management given our injury crisis.


For example byers and luongo both struggled with injuries so kamberi could come in, pato could play rcm with byers and luongo sharing games in middle.


If we lose either of those whilst fdb out its a massive blow.


Also would keep nml upfront for now as right sided striker, his pace could be so useful on break and to stop defences pushing up leading to late goals



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Wednesday start winning

They start to keep clean sheets

They start to score more than one goal every game

We go on a winning run

We start to climb the league towards promotion

Morale is up, confidence is up, results are happening!

And our fans call for changes


Come on now

Let's stop being silly billies

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Owlstalk Shop




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Some right snowflakes on here lol 

It’s a forum for debate. If you can’t evaluate a performance of a player both good and bad even if we win then what’s the point. 

I wasn’t slating Patterson. I recognise he’s a good squad player and always grafts. However, it is clear he is not a striker and I prefer him when he’s playing in midfield. 

Someone said he scored 9 goals im the championship. When did scoring 9 goals as a striker become a good thing. Perhaps if we had a striker who scored 15 we would have stayed up lol

Anyway I really like Patterson the point was he’s better elsewhere than as a striker - Kamberi proved that with how our players changed as soon as he came on. 

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